This bylined article in PRSA Strategies & Tactics, which makes the business case for inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons and provides five tips for creating inclusive communications/PR campaigns, won a 2021 PRism Award.
Shanikka Flinn (chair), E. Gayle Saunders and Jaron Terry (co-founders, D&I committee of Central Ohio PRSA.), collaborated to create a webinar for PRSA members. Click above to watch. “From Statements to Action to Antiracism: The Communicator’s Role in Making the Statement a Reality” was recognized with an Award of Excellence at the 2021 PRism Awards.
Jaron Terry served as writer/editor of Mount Carmel College of Nursing’s flagship magazine for nearly a decade, winning multiple awards (HealthcareAdAwards, EduAdAward and PRisms Awards) over the years.
This feature article about the last Sister of the Holy Cross at Mount Carmel Health System, “Sister Barbara Hahl, CSC, In the Habit of Serving,” won a 2021 PRism Award for writing quality and originality.
CEOs can take pride in crisis planning and preparedness - 2016 PRSA Prism Award winner: This guest column, published weeks prior to the historic SCOTUS decision on marriage equality, urges chief executive officers and business owners to review communications teams to determine if operational, human resource, marketing and public relations policies and programs reflect values of diversity, equality and inclusion for all – with an eye toward reputation management.
This blog post, “LGBTQ Families Turn Holiday Jitters Into Joy,” drew new members to the site and won a PRSA PRism Award in 2017.
Jaron Terry, in collaboration with Robin Hutchinson-Bell and Brainstorm Media, created this award-winning 115th Anniversary Video “Honoring Our Past as We Embrace Our Future” for Mount Carmel College of Nursing to showcase its history and tradition, as well movement from the 1903 School to the fully accredited College of Nursing.
A Weiss Move: Michael and Arlene Weiss are optimistic about finding treatment for cancer cachexia 2014 PRSA Prism Award winner. Objectives for this feature article: 1) create warm, human-interest donor profile of celebrity Columbus couple’s personal motivation for supporting work of noted cancer research scientist; 2) explain for lay readers translational and basic science research to pursue successful treatment for cancer cachexia; 3) prepare “written-to-fit” feature that is compelling and technically excellent.
Housetreazine: Objectives for this feature nds Magarticle: 1) tell a human-interest story to engage readers while reflecting Columbus as a city that embraces inclusiveness and diversity; 2) creatively employ metaphor, anecdote and quotations to educate readers about the remodeling process; and 3) engage readers in the anticipation of the end result while smoothly working in references to specific brand names of upscale appliances and manufactures of unique granite, cabinetry, tiles and other finishes.