The OSU College of Medicine Alumni Update 2016 Prism Award Winner - Objectives for this special-purpose newsletter that capped off the Centennial Celebration: 1) enable readers to look back with pride and forward with purpose; 2) build reputation of College through intriguing story telling; and 3) showcase highlights of the past 100 years while capturing the growth and innovation of the College.
Mount Carmel College of Nursing, the Lamp, Fall 2016 2017 PRSA Prism Award winner. Objectives for this publication: 1) emotionally engage alumni, friends and donors of the college; 2) introduce readers to new president of the college; 3) inform readers about breadth of services, and student and alumni activities.
CEOs can take pride in crisis planning and preparedness - 2016 PRSA Prism Award winner: This guest column, published weeks prior to the historic SCOTUS decision on marriage equality, urges chief executive officers and business owners to review communications teams to determine if operational, human resource, marketing and public relations policies and programs reflect values of diversity, equality and inclusion for all – with an eye toward reputation management.
OSU Discovery Magazine - 2013 PRSA Prism Award winner: Objectives of this Special Edition technical article: 1) position The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center as holding prominent, long-standing “seat at the table” in advancing preventive medicine, which is based upon genetics and epigenetics; 2) effectively and creatively communicate goals to create opportunities for conversation, consultation and collaboration among basic science and clinical investigators; and 3) educate lay readers about new concept in healthcare delivery – P4 Medicine – the convergence of new scientific knowledge resulting in genetic information as standard part of each individual’s medical record and lifetime health plan.
A Weiss Move: Michael and Arlene Weiss are optimistic about finding treatment for cancer cachexia 2014 PRSA Prism Award winner. Objectives for this feature article: 1) create warm, human-interest donor profile of celebrity Columbus couple’s personal motivation for supporting work of noted cancer research scientist; 2) explain for lay readers translational and basic science research to pursue successful treatment for cancer cachexia; 3) prepare “written-to-fit” feature that is compelling and technically excellent.
Alumni Magazine: A Vision for the Future - 2014 PRSA Prism Award winner: Objectives for this annual publication: 1) update and inform alumni and friends about shifting trends and emerging issues in the arena of health and rehabilitation science; 2) creatively communicate through a series of informational, provocative and compelling articles how expert faculty innovate to stay relevant 3) ensure journalistic integrity through engaging and technically excellent writing.
Housetreazine: Objectives for this feature nds Magarticle: 1) tell a human-interest story to engage readers while reflecting Columbus as a city that embraces inclusiveness and diversity; 2) creatively employ metaphor, anecdote and quotations to educate readers about the remodeling process; and 3) engage readers in the anticipation of the end result while smoothly working in references to specific brand names of upscale appliances and manufactures of unique granite, cabinetry, tiles and other finishes.